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Zephyr 8.12

Product Details

  • Awesome Design with Great Attention to Details
  • Easy to install and use
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Awesome Sliders Inside
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Advanced Portfolio Options
  • Advanced Blog Options
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Translation Ready

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


ADDED new Drag & Drop mechanic for the Live Builder – now it's easier and more comfortable to move/place all elements while building a page. IMPROVED Grid Layout Templates (view all templates): now Blog templates are divided into 3 groups: "single column", "several columns" and "without images" added 4 new Blog templates and one new Shop template old Blog templates are updated to a modern look fixed issues with colors and image sizes in all templates IMPROVED Display Logic usage: now all conditions are working for elements inside Grids (Horizontal Wrapper and Vertical Wrapper) Custom Field comparison operators "Includes / Excludes" are changed to more correct "Equal / Not Equal / Less than / Greater than" Custom Field comparison now takes into account the "Return format" of ACF fields Custom Field comparison now works correctly with values with comma IMPROVED Popup element (check examples): added Close Button Position option – now you can place the "Close" cross inside a popup added Close Button Color option IMPROVED Mobile Menu usage – now the "w-nav-open" class is added to the tag when the mobile menu is opened. This helps with customizations. IMPROVED Lists of Headers, Page Templates, Reusable Blocks, Grid Layouts – now they didn't show posts with "Pending Review" and "Draft" statuses IMPROVED Live Builder – now it's possible to Disable Row / Inner Row elements. This option was always available in WPBakery by default. IMPROVED Grid Filter element – now after applying filter values it scrolls the page to the relevant Grid when it is out of the screen IMPROVED Horizontal Wrapper element – added the "Stretch" value to the Vertical Alignment option IMPROVED admin bar – turned back the Edit Page dropdown with relevant links to improve UX UPDATED Google Fonts list UPDATED languages files FIXED Mobile Menu issue when a click on a menu item which opens sub-items causes a page scrolling FIXED issue when WooCommerce-related images sizes aren't shown in the "Image Size" option FIXED incorrect format of ACF "Date picker" values when using via {{field}} shortcodes FIXED bug when Design > Box Shadow settings aren't working in some cases FIXED preview of the Column "Background Overlay" option in the Live Builder FIXED issue when the "FAQpage" schema is added to paginated archives FIXED incorrect work of Grids showing Events from The Events Calendar FIXED issue when the Page Scroller takes into account hidden Rows FIXED issues with WPBakery version 6.10.0 FIXED several WPML compatibility issues FIXED some minor issues


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Product Information

Version 8.12
November 14, 2022


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